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  1. Hey man! Thanks! Didn't think anyone knew I was gone.
  2. Hey Brisco where ya been?!? Happy Birthday dude!
  3. Thanks, man!
  4. Happy Birthday Bribo!!!
  5. Amen.
  6. One day when you least expect it, and could use it the most, it will appear before you, and you will weep with joy.
  7. When am I gonna get that package?
  8. Dear Brisco Bold,
    Happy Birthday!
    PS. I have a package for you. It is in my pants. ALL4U.
  10. I'm actually still at work. LATE NIGHT!
  11. You better have an awesome day, man, DON'T F*%$ IT UP!!!
  12. Thanks, man!
  13. Happy Bday Brisco!!!
  14. Thanks, mang!
  15. Happy Birthday man! I hope it's an excellent one for you!
  16. Totally necessary.
  17. Thanks kind sir.
  18. Happy Birthday good sir!
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