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  1. Ok thanks that should help some for sure. I tried it a few times the other day, was able to get about halfway through with the Scorpion before I gave it up. And that damn Scenic Route one I keep getting to the last level and faulting at something stupid, it's maddening!
  2. I actually used the Phoenix for that achievement. It really comes down to learning the appropriate speeds, especially early on. Things like gunning it just hard enough to clear the stairs while still being able to hit the ramp cleanly, going slow right before the first checkpoint. It'll take some time to learn stop/start points where you can consistently land without crashing (like from the high platform over the lake, I think I would just come to a complete stop with the back wheel just off the wood plank, and then gun it). Don't worry about doing it without bailing first; just try to find a route/sequence that works and works cleanly, and from there it's just an issue of throttle control and execution.

    Don't forget that there's no time limit for the achievement, so don't rush.
  3. Hey Dip do you have any tips for the Rock Steady achievement in Trials Evo? All I have left is that and the Scenic Route one, which I have been able to do with 1 FREAKING FAULT ON THE LAST CHECKPOINT *RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE*, so that one I'm sure I can get, but the Rock Steady one is going to be what stops me from the getting the full 400 if anything does. I tried doing it with the Scorpion and can get about a third of the way through, but god I hate it.
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