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  1. despite how inane Garfield typically is
    that actually gave me something to smile about all day.
  2. What's my story?
    at least that's how it ends.
  3. excellent school! i got my bachelors in history. with a minor in roof sitting. roofs are the best evar!

    whats your story
  4. What's with roof sitting in SLO?
    We used to sit on a friends roof,
    sorta right behind that Long's Drugstore @ LosOsos Vly Rd and Madona Rds
    I can't remember why?.. It was just the place to be!

    What were you studying at CalPoly? Pretty good school I hear.
  5. ahh! i used to live like 4 blocks from MDO. i would go on my roof and watch the bay alllll the time. great place to be!
  6. Holy-cow!? that is a coincidence.
    Speaking of cows, it was always great coming around a switchback and having the road blocked by cows...
    I was there working on remodeling the ranch house. Got to watch the clouds roll in off the Pacific every morning. Besides that, spent a lot of time exploring the region. Montaņa de Oro State Park is one of my favorites.

    Have fun in August!
  7. great bbq at the farmers market, most def. what did you do there? the guy behind is working on perfumo cyn at Lezyne, an up and coming bike accessory co. coincidence?!

    my next trip up there is on the 6th of aug. i cant wait
  8. miss it dearly, but barely spent 5 months there.
    Worked at Root Ranch, last address on Prefumo Canyon Rd. ~you know that area?
    The "Spirit of the Central Coast" will always be with me. lol
    Good farmer's market, that's for sure.
  9. i went to cal poly. lived there a good 5 years. miss it dearly. i visit a lot. is that where you are from?
  10. looking at bicycleweed, gotta ask,
    Hey, are you from SLO?
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