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  1. Happy birthday!
  2. MarsKitten, i think i have told you before, but i must tell you again that you are way smart.
  3. That is an interesting answer!

    Right now i really like Harry Truman, but that's mostly just because i like the guy himself a whole lot.
  4. Nixon. Masterful diplomacy coupled with a colorful cabinet and some amazing moves like opening up China and chilling out the Russians. If I lived under him I would have hated him but he's probably contributed more to our current "debt float" by creating the relationship we have with China than anyone.

    But, my favorite politician is Alexander Hamilton
  5. Marskitten, i very much enjoyed your long post in the Obama thread. Who is your favorite US president? You seem like a person who would have a good answer.
    I wish i'd been interested in US history back in US history class. All this history and current events stuff is suddenly something i want to learn about 10 years later.

    Also, 1981 represent!
  6. What? No, just more seriousish.
  8. Yes. I'm just taking school and my health more srs.
  9. hi there MarsKitten. Are you still scootering? You can call it a moped if you like, i am sorry that i am a snob sometimes.
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