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  1. hahaha!! it's ok buddy, there's always next time <3
  2. I hate when I rep you for something mundane, then you pull out a gem like 'tongue punch her fart box'
  3. That first pic of Kristen Bell you posted is amazing.
  4. haha! fuck yeah man, it's like it was meant to happen
  5. hey thanks dude and yeah he was quite the legend, I have a lot to live up to
  6. Ahh Damn it, I'm such a retard
  7. Epic Beard Man, duh!
  8. EBM?
  9. oh i know man, she is the best! lol!
  10. dude I know! I can't stop listening to their album
  11. <3
  12. Wait? What's true? I have a beard? Yeah ,that's true!
  13. that is sooooooo true!!!
  14. yeah i know man, that's probably what will end up going on
  15. it's cool dude, no worries
  16. ...and I say that with upmost respect.
  17. thanks dude
  18. Hells yeah Dude!
  19. hey there Mr. Doc if it isn't too much trouble or if it isn't too late could you maybe make my avatar guy be "Mr. Ghostbuster"? i will love you forever sir
  20. Ha! those are so awesome
  21. thank you sir
  22. here are some of the girls i've given the force to

    hope you enjoy sir
  23. actually yeah, lol. I've been getting repped like a sum-bitch
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