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    Nippon Ichi US sure has good taste in anime lately... I wonder if they'd be able to get the rights to distribute Nichijou since Bandai is so dumb.

  2. >:O
  3. Good stuff. I think I like the previous one better, though. With her little arms out.

    I'm too lazy to get creative. I just have her holding out the plate of muffins to me. I only move her around my desk at work.

  4. This is the one i was waiting to make happen...
  5. D:< I should just stop looking at eBay....
  6. It might be tough to find those books in really good condition.

  7. Thank you, Finch. This scares me, though:

    "these are in very good, albeit well-read, condition"

    I am stupidly picky about the condition of my books. I will have to wait for another one...
  8. I set up an Outlook reminder, but then I got trapped in something at work and missed the 999 auction. Thanks for the heads up, though. Keep me posted if you see any other sets. That one was so perfect. The whole shebang and for a good price.
  9. Arigato!
  10. Not sure if you're interested, but -

    That's probably the cheapest you'll find it! (i just got volume 2, which was the most expensive. otherwise i'd go for it)
  11. Yeah, volume 2 is pretty expensive. I only have the first one so far. I don't even know if there are more than 5 or Viz was just continuing their 90's antics of picking up series, publishing bits and pieces, and then dropping it forever. I can't even find that info on Japanese sites. I know the 1st GE999 series went for 18 volumes, then there was a 2nd (that's what we got) started in the 90's that doesn't seem as highly regarded. There's also a 2nd release of the GE999 series that was 21 volumes, and i don't know if it included pt. 2 or not.
  12. Also, the day before you sent that GE999 manga swapnote I was searching Amazon for 'em, hoping there was an omnibus or something (and being quite annoyed there not only wasn't, but some of the individual volumes are evidently "rare" and priced accordingly). I read some of them in Animerica way back in the day and your recent obsession reminded me I liked 'em and never followed up.
  13. Yeah, I used hobby search. I never get the "Pay Up!" emails, so I always just go to their site and manually pay once they send me the "Hey, your 'pay up' email should be coming shortly." email.

    I admit that Working!! figure pic complete with the kitchen set, and Inami peeking out... is cute.

    I only breezed through the spoiler pics quickly because they really were spoilers! Too high-res and detailed... I felt like I had the doll already. Gotta wait...
  14. I don't think Working!! is the best show ever, but that Popura and Inami Nendoroid are super cute.

  15. Spoiler about Menma Nendoroid!- >:O YUKIATSU FACE!
  16. >:O I just sent payment! Menma is that much closer!
  17. I changed the shipping to SAL, given that SAL would make her $47 as opposed to EMS which would make her $54. It's not that much of a difference, but it seems like it is!
  18. >:O She's listed as being in stock on HLJ.... I want that email NOW. The sooner it comes, the sooner Menma will be here...
  19. That's a lot! Where did you order her from? Hobby Search? HLJ hasn't sent me the "PAY UP!" email yet. I'm debating whether i should switch to SAL shipping or just go with EMS because it's not TOO expensive.
  20. Oof. Menma nendroid came out to $60 with shipping.
  21. Ha, no. I just remembered people discussing her unfortunate name in a thread somewhere while the show was airing.
  22. Did you type "Anaru" in google and the first link said "IT MEANS "ANAL"" and then go, "oh..."? Because i did that yesterday before you responded.
  23. Yeah, that's pretty cute. Although it barely looks like her without the twin pigtails. Gotta love Anal. I'll resist, though. I don't want to be buried under an avalanche of figures.

  24. I like this one! Too bad it's so expensive. The exchange rate is not very chan-friendly right now.
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