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  1. but seriously one this weekend is my goal.
  2. Since you obviously aren't going to give me my damn picture, you can buy this for me instead.

  3. i feel like whoever drew this feels this way too even if he's mocking it
  4. That one's too easy. I was seriously sitting down to draw too when i looked at that thread
  5. Hey Finch, you should play the movie guessing game. I gave the best clues for the best movie, and these jerks are all "duh, we don't watch the best movies. We don't get these clues."
  6. I like Plutia a lot. It's her English voice that makes her. Whoever's doing it really did it right.

  7. I gotta have this!
  8. I picked up my vanilla copy of HDNV today. I can't wait to get home to play it even though I'm really tired already and if it's as talky as you say (and that's not to say that I think you're lying or exaggerating, I'm just saying) it will probably put me right to sleep but if it doesn't then I will start a thread tomorrow and we can pretend it's a secret thread that no else can see because although everyone else will be able to see it you and I will be the only ones to post in it and it'll be the bestest secrat thread ever. The end? No! The beginning.!
  9. Click for full size

    Click for full size
  10. Thanks! I've been running around like crazy trying to move since the weekend!

    I think that's Rodney Greenblat, maybe this has something to do with birthdays...
  11. Hey, i almost missed today.
    Happy Birthday!!!!!
  12. i'm sorry this is taking so long. i'm going to make an extra one for you from Wristcutters without Tom Waits in addition to the one with, simply because it's the best movie and it's a great movie to go through pausing every few minutes for a good composition

  13. hmmm...

    the gia was ahead of everything....

    this is the single most amazing image i ever saw in my life
  15. That whole thread was a ploy so that we could talk about Cavia!
  16. I hope you like glamourpuss. I didnt get into the fashion satire part too much, but i liked the history overview and definitely the art!
  17. I got an envelope filled with comics and video games today! Thank you! I'll work on Tom Waits this weekend and over the week and i should have him out to you next week
  18. :O
  19. I didn't either! Since I picked up Pro Evolution for PS2, Samurai Deeper was the only thing left for me to complete the collection, so I searched Amazon and eBay for it and one of those sets came up. Ebay had some cheaper sets, but everyone was using stock photos and dumb first class shipping. I would be mad! if it arrived all fugly.
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