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  1. Is that evil super saiyan or something? The anime just goes nuts with extra stuff. It's sad that Lunch just disappears in the manga, but i think i'd still take the manga just because it doesn't go off on boring tangents like the anime.
  2. WELL, i might have a painting of Landon the Lion visiting the Space Giraffe, king of the Alpacas soon.
  3. I sure would be happy if they put those blue waters up on that Netflix.
  4. Click for full size
  5. n_____n
  6. There Finch. I posted another blog.
    just for you.
  7. Nothing is better than Cobra: The Space Adventure!!

    But that gif comes close!

  8. I'm having a hard time deciding which one is better, so you get both.
  9. Corn Dog took sick and needed respite. I feel he will be back. They always come back. Always.
  10. The next tiny painting will be Landon the Lion meets Space King Giraffe and the tribe of Space Alpacas.
  11. I am truly sad at the loss of corn dog
  12. I'd hate to share the same air with a creature vile enough to say that Space Alpacas are NOT cool!
  13. So are you saying Space Alpacas are cool?
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