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  1. Also i was wrong about Unchained Blades, that was FuRyu, not Image Epoch. Image Epoch was the 7th Dragon games, Arc Rise Fantasia, as well as Time and Eternity and the Vita release of Criminal Girls.

  3. Hi Finch, thanks for those pics. I love 'em. I actually bought the Ink Girl amiibo, my first one. Possibly my last. Crossing my fingers the Ika-chan DLC makes it over here.

    I do care about the PoPo farming game, but I'm not freaking out or anything. The charm of the PS1/PSP RPGs for me was in those wonderfully animated little 2D sprites all over the place, which of course are long gone in the 3DS game.
  4. i'm proud of myself for spelling "Bokujo Monogatari" correctly or maybe close at least
  5. Compass i don't know if you care about it, but it looks like the PoPoLoCrois Bokujo Monogatari game is being localized! i'm pretty happy about it.

  6. i really like this one
  7. I'm usually the same way about art books, but if they're from something i love or an artist i love like Masaaki Yuasa, i'll get them if they look neat.
  8. That figure's cool, but I think there was a better one. I think the ones I found were all crane machine prizes so I couldn't buy them.

    Artbooks are nice, but I realized I look through them once -- *maybe* twice -- then they sit on the shelf for years untouched.
  9. I think you posted this before, but this is the first time i've seen it for sale:

    it's kind of expensive... There was a visual book released a few days ago for Kyousougiga and i ordered it from Amazon Japan! I hope it's good!
  10. Thanks. I'll keep an eye out. Haven't watched any anime in like nine months... o_o

    >:O New movie from the AnoHana people

    >:|||||| And Aniplex has blocked whatever teaser trailer from being viewed outside of Japan
  12. Also, thank you for the crane game pictures in the 3DS thread.
  13. Finch, you were so right about Puppeteer. It's splendid.
  14. Eva is the best. I didn't buy Q. I haven't finished Persona 4G or any of the EO games except the DS original, so it seemed foolish. One day...
  15. I'm watching Evangelion again for the first time since i borrowed the VHS from a friend in high school. i think i'll like it this time because i'm old and i know things now
  16. Are you playing Persona Q? I really like it!
  17. I don't hate Neptunia... but I don't love it. The music is kinda grating, and the battles and dungeons not all that fun. Haven't really found much funny either... I've only played a few hours, though. Plus, I'm grumpy and hard to please.

    You can only see the trophy icons unless you compare trophies, and then check that specific game. So I didn't see "nice boobs," unfortch.

    But Fantasy Life! Oooh, Fantasy Life...
  18. Do you like Neptunia Re;Birth? I saw you had trophies for it as i was trying to see if people could see the embarrassingly-named achievements for Senran Kagura Bon Appetit

    "Nice Boobs" Thanks for announcing that, game
  19. See, i'm here after all.

  20. Oh, also, I read about Drakengard 3 and will give it a whirl once it's on sale.
  21. Yes, Costume Quest! So weird that I called it Halloween Quest 'cause I definitely know its name. I think I had the word in my brain because I was about to mention it in the next sentence...

    Anyway, it's short, charming, and cheap. I think there might be a demo, too...
  22. Costume Quest? I haven't. I'll keep it in mind though!
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