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  1. Hi Finch. Have you played Halloween Quest? I think you would like it. There is a sequel coming this Halloween.
  2. Emptied! Sorry it was full, I have such a hard time figuring out which messages to delete.
  3. I need to send you a PM, finch. Please clear your box, thanks.
  4. Hi Finch. Thanks for the notes and images. <3
  5. Compass i hope you are doing well. i am going to mail you stuff soon

    soon being relative
  6. i hope you didn't leave again...
  7. really only the next to last and next to next to last weren't that good... the animation quality bombed in next to next to and next to last just had that looong exposition scene like they didn't know how to cram it in with what was left

    i keep thinking about the music though...
  8. Wooow, that ending. I still liked it, but I loved it through the point they decided they had to wrap it up. I feel like they wanted 12 episodes and were given the budget for 6. Episode 10.5 was not at all illuminating like I hoped it would be. I really hope there's some kind of US DVD (actually blu ray) release with liner notes and several commentary tracks. I want to know what they intended and every single thing they were referencing. I feel like that live action episode could've had a part 2 as well
  9. also holy biscuit, i didn't realize that original web broadcast was TWO YEARS AGO, i really thought it was 2013.
  10. This show is a secret lesson about Buddhism, most likely Hinduism, Shinto, almost certainly Confucianism, and Taoism, as well as Japanese art history and Kenji Miyazawa. I don't know if Japanese people watch it and appreciate it or if it's just something a dumb f-chan like me really goes nuts over but I really love this show
  11. Oh you've been watching it! You might have mentioned that! I was going to say that even though the first episode is confusing, the show does a good job bringing it back around to where it makes more sense.
  12. Hooray! And the soundtrack, right?

    Be sure to also watch episode 5.5, the live-action one where the voice actors take you to the real-world locations, and discuss the real dude (and real drawing) the show is based on. I found it illuminating.
  13. i am watching Kyousogiga right now, i just had to take a break to tell you that it's so good, like the 1st episode after the initial one actually takes a step back and isn't just a confusing mess. i really like this show.
  14. ::upends table::

    This is an outrage!
  15. Click for full size

    (sorry i haven't sent out Nintendo Land yet, i've been super busy and just haven't been to the post office in a while! i want to send out some stuff next week, so i'll get it out then)
  16. I'll let you know when it's here!
  17. Sent!
  18. Whoops! Sorry, just cleaned it out.
  19. Finch, ya gotta clear yer PM box.
  20. Hi Finch,

    Two questions:

    Question 1: Did you win the Zelda art contest thingy?

    Question 2: Is your submission for sale afterwards?
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