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  1. I think you would be okay. But the good/bad news is after Unwound Future, there is no more Flora... because the next two games are prequels to Curious Village.

    [edit]: Which you realize!
  2. CRAP, i can't look at ANYTHING Layton-related because i'm afraid of spoilers. I have to finish Unwound Future...
  3. I wanted to find pictures of Flora on tumblr, but i realized i might spoil Unwound Future. There isn't enough cosplay of Flora.
  4. No, I like it already! Only played an hour, but the characters show promise.
  5. i hope you like it. now i'm worried that you won't...
  6. I bought that Last Story game today mostly due to your praise...
  7. "Hyoooooo."

  9. Yeah, it's the series. It's on Crunchyroll.
  10. Where did you watch Galaxy Express 999 from. Fansub torrent or licensed? Is this the 100+ episode TV series?
  11. Su--SUGOI.

  12. I like this one.
  13. Hai. I posted her in the Anime and Game Figures thread on here. Within the last year I think. The show is fairly entertaining, too. But I didn't think the premise sounded horrible in the first place.

    Elsie is very sweet. She likes fire engines. And the main guy playing his PSP *everywhere* is hilarious. The last episode of the first season is EPIC. Thief said he liked the show before.

    [edit]: Oh, I see, you're really liking the show, so you're already watching it. Cool. Yes, I still need to finish season 2.
  14. What the heck. Why didn't this edit. And why can't I delete... IGNORE THIS!
  15. You liked that "The World God Only Knows" show, didn't you? I know i saw Elsie somewhere else and i can't remember if you posted her somewhere or it was just browsing HLJ and Hobby Search. I'm really liking it, even though the premise should be nauseating.
  16. I should have known it was Samus. You drew her kawaiily anyway.
  17. I don't like giving NISA money, but I think I have to support that.
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