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  1. Compass, is that a Professor Layton girl in your avatar? She's kawaii.
  2. Me too.

    Her smile exudes mockery! It has to be real!

    Well, it looks like Magic Box doesn't like hotlinking...
  3. It is what I choose to believe.
  4. Rainie Yang might really be stupid... but i hope she's really just sly.
  5. Small grey-haired ghost girl coming to a Compass work-desk soon.
  6. GOOD. I was going to be upset.
  7. Hey, Finch.

    Right after making my snarky comment, I trotted out to Gamestop and picked up your furry game on a lark. I will soon be playing it on an XL in your honor.
  8. Yup yup.
  10. THEY HAVE IT TOO. It says it's 1/6 scale, pretty big!

    They have a lot of stuff, even though most of it is t-shirts and psp skins and all sorts of weird stuff. I want that doll. Maybe i'll become un-poor before it comes out.


    it's waaaaay effing expensive.
  13. Tomorrow...
  14. YES.
  15. Did we just post the exact same thing in each others profiles?
  16. Haha, I feel ya. Apparently they are custom one-offs. I'm sure the real things can't be far behind, though.
  17. Oh shoot, customs? I imagine there will be real AnoHana and Nichijou Nendoroids one day soon.
  18. (O)___(O) WHA- WHAT. MUST HAVE THEM.
  19. Oh yeah?! Well:

  20. Maybe she'll come back as a kitten? And yah, short hair def. suits glasses girl.
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