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  1. Hey!
  2. I'm not sure what that is, but I think I would like it.
  3. You going to the Souper Bowl tourney 2 weeks from now?
  4. Sorry! I've been MIA on TNL for the past few months.
  5. dude where r u.
  6. I probably won't be up there till ranbat time, sadly. No cash.
  7. Any plans on dropping by TGA before the tournament? I think I might head up on Saturday afternoon.
  8. Sick. I'm there.
  9. Eh, I skipped it, too. I thought they would have SF4 by now, but such is not the case.
  10. How was the ranbat?!
  11. I can't low jump.
  12. If you are capable of low jumping and executing fireball motions, you're pretty good at KoF '98.
  13. My friend asked me, but I told him no. Maybe I'll change my mind as it gets closer. Just need to ask the other guys first and see what's up.

    PS: I suck at KOF.
  14. Going to TGA on 8/2? EX King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match tournament!
  15. He did not! Consider me there!
  16. Hell yeah! SF4 at TGA in August announced during the ranbat! I'm sure Monokai told you though.
  17. I'll see if I can get on. Depends on if my friends try to drag me out of the house at the time.
  18. I'll probably be on tomorrow afternoon.
  19. Haha. I haven't played the game since before AB. Tell me when and I'll try to log in. My deck still kinda sucks but I'll play anyways.
  20. Hay, buddy. Come here often?

    Let's get some Culdcept in this weekend, son.
  21. Whuddup!
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