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  1. It becomes the Greatest Story Ever Told.
  2. This could be a very long 20 minutes!
  3. Haven't been in quite a while, but if I succeed in getting hired this week I will return to drinking rich man beer immediately!
  4. Say! You ever hit up Publik House?
  5. I was there last week! I stopped by the record store downstairs beforehand. And Wagomama, which destroyed my mind with tasty noodles.

    They still have the SFIICE machine. 50 cents a play what?
  6. To cease hijacking the James birthday thread, have you ever been to the Boston Tea Stop in Harvard Square? Assuming it's still open, they have awesome boba and a SF2CE machine. Also Guess Who. It is a nice place to enjoy a beverage!
  7. SKATE... OR... DIE
  8. This page makes me want to play Skate or Die. A lot.
  9. hay
  10. HEY GRAVE!
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