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  1. The original Captain Harlock series from 1978 is surprisingly good. Lots of great stories throughout the series that had me hooked. Although, it did have a lot lower production values than Space Battleship Yamato (which came before it).
  2. Btw, if you haven't seen it, Galaxy Express 999: Eternal Fantasy is pretty good. It should've been a half an hour longer, and it's a shame that whatever series or movie that was supposed to come after it never happened, but it was at least fun to watch.
  3. Yeah! I'm on episode 61 and it's still good! Next is the original Captain Harlock and after that i won't know what to do with myself.
  4. The Conductor, huh? Watching GE999?
  5. Sadly, when it comes to Leiji Matsumoto after the 80s, the list of stuff NOT to watch is longer than the recommendations. Basically what happened is he had awesome stuff in the 80s, then in the 90s he had a slump with low-budget series with really bad CG and computer animation (he should have stuck to hand-drawn). Only in the 2000s did he start getting his groove back with the Endless Odyssey and Galaxy Railways (seems like he got a good budget too because you don't see that crap CG anymore. Galaxy Railways' animation is on par with the other current stuff, his 90s works were lagging behind).

    The only two I can really recommend are Harlock Endless Odyssey and the Galaxy Railways series. Pretty damn good actually.

    The rest are terribad:
    Maetel Legend (worst retelling of Maetels past EVER. If you have access to it and spare time, enjoy how truly bad it is. Be ready for loads of ridiculous exposition)
    Space Symphony Maetel (Not as bad as Maetel Legend, but he sure tried)
    Herlock Saga (oh god no. Unlike Maetel Legend, this isn't worth watching to even see how bad it is. It's just bad.)
    Cosmo Warrior Zero (promising introduction, characters and story, but an obviously rushed ending with a really stupid final battle. The director, Yokota Kazuyoshi, should be ashamed)
    Gun Frontier (meh)
    Submarine Super 99 (do I need to say anything here? I think I'll just laugh uncontrollably instead. AHAHAHAHAA)
  6. That's disappointing! Is there anything after the 80s' besides The Cockpit and the 90's 999 manga (that stupid Viz didn't even finish) worth tracking down?
  7. Sorry to break it to you, but Cosmo Warrior Zero is a huge waste of time. I was hoping it was going to lead to something epic, but it was mediocre and a rushed ending.
  8. Also, do you still think Cosmo Warrior Zero is good? I'm thinking about tracking it down.
  9. Hi Station! Glad to see you're still around. Are you watching any anime lately? I've been watching (AND LOVING SO MUCH) Natsume Yuujinchou!
  10. It's a stuffed animal i found at a store in NYC. I used it as my avatar ages ago, and i think it might be the best one i've had.
  11. What is that in your avatar, Finch? A frog puppet?
  12. I need to customize my profile page like you guys. I can't even read my own profile because of the weird default TNL colors.
  13. I really like that imagine in your signature, Station. What is that from?
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