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  1. Oh shi... wa up?
  2. Sure! Check the thread!
  3. Do have a 400x400+ square pic I can use for Facebook?
  4. You're not gonna get that Bernie record?
  5. (^ _^ ) Yeller Dog has the best visitor messages! ( ^ -^)
  6. In response to your post on Gooch's wall from about three years ago about Radio Raheem's Love Hate speech and your grandfather's tattoo... go check out Night of the Hunter. You'll dig it. Promise.
  7. I wanna know more about Dog Trap. This man has a story. Probably a lot of stories.
  8. I thought it was pretty funny!
  9. I cannot rep you, but I will buy you a beer for the Dog Trap joke.
  10. Spectacularly little! This monkey tree, it must be shaken!
  11. Hello YellerDog, have I missed much while on my journeys?
  12. Welcome back Doc!
  13. Yeller, your cat scares me. It's like he's looking doom right in the face!
  14. Nice.
  15. (edit: i have noticed this phrase has taken off over the internet. i am sad i have used it now.)
  16. I know you like to rep, so I put some rep in your rep so you can rep while you rep.
  17. I salute you, good sir! En garde. PrÍt. Allez!
  18. Ho Ho! Tie game!

    Stumbled over this today via an Alabama 3 song, haha.
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