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  1. i was going to play vidya games tonight but i found that anime openings thread, i'm afraid that plan is spoilt
  2. also happy belated birthday!
  3. i'm trying to send you secret messages through rep but it won't let me

    The opening to Urusei Yatsura is the best thing

    this one:

    it's my favorite
  4. Thanks Finch! Nobody else said so and you did, so you are my favorite person here.

  6. you should watch this You are Umasou movie
  7. So far! You live too! Happy birthday!
  9. Yellerdog, detective pikachu IS BACK
  10. It was released by a small group really recently but i don't think it's well known at all.
  11. It's called Download: Namu Amida Butsu wa Ai no Uta.
    this is the only place i could find a torrent of the fansub:
  12. I'm impressed! What's that from?

  13. tatsuyuki tanaka is a cool animationser
  14. I just finished the 'date' with Papyrus, it's really great! I like how sneaky the save system is right off the bat.
  15. Oh! That video was just a song with characters from Yume Nikki and the music is from BattleBlock Theater. which also has THIS song:

    I just stopped by to say i think Undertale will be your kind of game and you will probably really like Papyrus and Sans.
  16. You sent a thing? I didn't get it yet!
  17. What was that? That was great!

    Did you get the thing I sent?
  18. Whaaaat what did i do?
  19. I hate you now yellerdog
  20. if i never see another r2d2 waste basket it'll be too soon

  21. don't play gyromite or the game police will get you
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