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  1. Happy Bday Yellowdag!
  2. HBDYD!!
  3. Happy Bday Yeller!!!
  4. Fantastic! I hope it treats you well sir.
  5. Thanks much for the info and suggestion, I'm gunna give that a shot and see how it goes! I've always wanted to try using a digital pen but just assumed they would be prohibitively expensive and so I didn't even look them up.

    Aaaand ordered! Sweet, thanks again sir!
  6. Hey Pineapple!

    I think you'd do ok starting out with that Monoprice! There are a lot of *really cheap* non-monitor tablets if you want to take a training wheels approach to getting the hang of pressure sensitivity / pen operations, I'd recommend something like this just to see if you can get the hang of it, it's around $40, so it's really low risk and you can sell it / give it away when you upgrade.

    Best thing is just to draw a TON and get used to how the lines work --figure out what kind of workflow is good for you!

    So I was just reading what you wrote to Fury about that tablet monitor, and the review seems pretty glowing, enough that while I was reading all about it I decided I need one! I've been wanting to get into the digital side of art for a long time, but I've never used a tablet or a Wacom style device. Since this seems to be an area of expertise for you, do you think this one is a good place to start? And I'm sure I'm gunna sound dumb here but I really don't know this kinda stuff, does it just plug into your computer and work with it or is it a standalone unit to be used by itself? Looks like it's on backorder until the end of March from the Monoprice website, but that price is doable if I hang on to my tax return
  8. Happy Bday Yeller!!!
  9. Happy Birthday YellerDawg!!!
  11. I also fail to believe it's your birthday. I will not fail, however, to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANYWAYS!!!!
  12. Yeah that sounds like a pretty great deal you got there! I'll keep an eye out for good deals on that bad boy as they come along.
  13. Protip! I got mine used from Amazon Warehouse, came to $121 after a $20 credit with one-day shipping! I recommend going that route! I also got into that 'ambassador program' so i get a bunch of dlc games. Thanks, previous owner!
  14. It looks really good, I've been very anxious to give it a try! Haven't been able to justify a 3DS just yet, but that and Ocarina reeeeeeally make me want it bad! If I get one I'm going to need your friend code so we can fight those mans!
  15. 3DS Street Fighter is pretty good... robo zangief on the go!
  16. Wait wat?
  17. Dude that scares me, like to the bone!
  18. How the hell am I older than you?!?!?!?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU SILLY SCALAWAG!
  19. Apparently I have to spread rep around before I can hit you up again. And yes, it is a VERY rude owl, but you still haven't nailed down the certain type. Which owl has very big and angry eyebrows? I know you know this. If you post it on facebook you win a cheeseburger, and I'm absolutely serious about that part. Kudos to you though, first person to get it right, but then again you think outside the box.
  20. I'm totally stealing that video BTW.
  21. LOL! What in the hell?
  22. This is your rep cuz I can't right now. You post well Daniel son.
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