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  1. And with your power . . . your hope . . . you brought it back.
  2. I heard TNL broke! This is a thing that people are talking about on IRC! But... I'm still here!
  3. Well, I guess that's when we'll play then. I might even be a halfway decent player at that point.
  4. Well, we thought the E74 was fixed... it's not. Xbox stopped working again today. I'm leaving town in about 6 hours and will be on the road until the beginning of Jan, so that is when I will be playing L4D!

    This answer does not please me either!
  5. When are you playing Left 4 Dead? I wants play wichoo.
  6. Oh, my God. Will a giant white orb take me away if I put it off too long? And don't let Finch hear you say it's only "pretty good." The bubble's big enough for two.
  7. You should listen to Finch and watch The Prisoner! It is Pretty Good!
  8. Because of the way the control panel is set up, if you try to give someone a yellow card and you don't take the extra step of changing from the default red card choice, you give a red card for a copyright infraction.

    I saw you got a red and decided to leave it, since it was in Gaming Discussion. You get the point, I trust.
  9. I may say a lot of stupid and off-topic things, Nick, but I'd never Encourage Others to Violate Copyright Laws! That's just crazy!
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