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  1. welcome back!
  2. nerd alert!
  3. Look at me all on this site and stuff!
  4. Don't be jealous.
  5. all this pink is making me sick
  6. Shoot. It was funny, I swear. Just use your imagination.
  7. thats a pretty good picture of a red x
  8. OMG we have to go. HAVE TO!
  9. It took me a minute to figure out, but I love your new avatar.
  10. bananas are gross. keep them out of your ears.
  11. get well!!
  12. Lost + Wine = My favorite night of the week.
  13. lost is on tonighttttttttttttttttttttttttt. its wine time.
  14. shin johnpv doesnt know what hes talking about
  15. Your pic is cute! Nice flannel.
  16. seester!
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