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  1. Hbd@u!
  2. It is mint condition! It's in better shape than the copy I used to own! (I suspect an ex I moved away from set it on fire in one of those 'reclaiming your space' modern tantrums)

    Thanks man, my collection feels complete again. I really appreciate it!
  3. Enjoy that Alien . Hope it got there in good shape.
  4. Thanks, yeller!

    Also I'm doing a thing!
  6. I know
  7. It IS a really cool statue!

    The game suffers from being a 2009 game that came out in 2013, there's quite a lot of jank to it. It's not even the worst 2009 game in the world though!

    Thank you again!
  8. Aw heck, you're welcome. You hooked me up somethin' real proper-like around Christmas. I thought this a way to repay the favor with style.

    If the game sucks, at least the statue looks pretty cool!
  9. Dang dude! Thank you for the fancy Aliens set! I understand the game isn't so hot, but I'll give it a go! The plastic statue is neat!
  10. I seem to be fishing (?) these days, so I'm not on very much at the moment, but sooner or later I'll be playing regularly.
  11. Yeah man! It's been a long while! Back when Thief Silver was on there as well.
  12. Hello

    I am not ignoring your Plays Tation request, btw. I don't have a PS3 stick. But I'm pretty sure we've played each other in the past? Did you used to have it on XB?
  13. HI ROBOT.
  14. SO SAFE!
  15. Also, hey, look what movie won that particular category.
  17. Sent! (your PM box is full!)
    Thank you!
  18. I did get it! Plan on starting it as soon as I can bring myself to stop spending every drop of Me Time playing SSF4 with you em effers.
  19. Did you pick up Easy Riders Raging Bulls? I'm about halfway through it now (had some delays, haha), it's pretty great!
  20. A Robot Kicked My Ass! Geez!
  21. Still got a little skill at this thing, apparently! I need to get to the bottom of how to use focus and follow it up with a combo, I saw a lot of that from various folks tonight. I picked up some pointers watchin' you play!

    What a good game! I have no idea why people complain so much about the 360 pad, it's fairly pleasant. (today is like the third time I've ever touched one). The dpad diagonals are a lil' wonky, but I feel like its me instead of the controller. Nice shoulder buttons!
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