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  1. Ah, I expected to get at least one smartass comment, now I know why I haven't! I was unaware, so thanks for mentioning it. The box that says "allow comments" was unchecked for that entry, so maybe I did it by accident.
  2. Why are there no comments allowed on your blog?
  3. Actually I've just been working and studying.
  4. I've been on my level, homie
    drinkin' champagne all night
    never worry 'bout a damn thing and y'all might
  5. I'd go searching for an image, but I'm posting from my phone.
  6. Happy Birthday! For a cranky old man, you're pretty young!
  7. Lurking doesn't count as "being on TNL". Unless I've just happened to miss all your posting...
  8. I've been doing a lot of procrastinating today. That's actually the case most of the time I'm on tnl.
  9. It's not nice to make an old man have to squint at his 'puter screen to see what you posted. >:-(
    So whatcha doing?
  10. That's why you were always my favorite!
  11. Aside from the few occasions that he pops up here, I've not heard from him in a long time. I thought he sent that stuff back a long time ago. Guess not!
  12. You talk to Rem at all? If so, pass along that I sent him a PM, just a gentle reminder that I miss that Sailor Moon manga.
  13. Other way around unfortunately! We country folk drove into the big city to celebrate with our urban relatives, lol.
  14. Are you spending Thanksgiving with your folks? In a farmhouse kind of setting? If so I'm jealous!
  15. I never thanked you for the hello, but I have thought about it each time I logged in.

  16. Just sayin' hello.

  17. I am really hoping that your stuff is okay.
  18. ok.
  19. It's too late now.
  20. I'm sorry! When was this? If later than 9:00 pm EST, I was on my phone, and chat doesn't work with that. SO, uh, how about those Yankees?
  21. How rude of you to leave as I was making friendly conversation.
  22. ;-; Ok we are definitely still friends. <3333
  23. Maybe we can still be friends.
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