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  1. Dork! Nice av/sig
  2. surprise!
  3. Howdy stranger!
  4. Omg look at me all on this site and stuff!
  5. What the.... what the heck???
  6. Oh, I forgot to ask you what you're doing tomorrow for the game. You're always welcome to come watch the game with Morgan and me.
  7. Glad you approve of AfroDuck. He's quite an amazing creature, rarely caught on film.
  8. Dude. Afroduck is awesome.

    New wallpaper!
  9. lol No you're not!
  10. Sorry about your FF QB.

  11. Now that's a horse of a different color!

    *groan* Poor joke. I know.

  13. What's for lunch????????????
  14. Trample?!? More like prance away!
  15. Team Kootz! I love it!

    lol But my Pink Ponies are going to trample you!
  16. I don't even know what that means. I'm such a noob.

    Hey, Team Kootz is gonna getcha!
  17. Hey, you can prerank your draft picks before the auto draft tonight!

    And don't be jealous of the Ponies. We're girly-ing up the NFL!
  18. San Diego Pink Ponies?

    Silliest fantasy football name evar!
  19. <3

  20. Ha, of course he did. He knows what's up!
  21. You're going to love this one...

    Guess who's the back up QB on Justin's fantasy football team? That's right. He actually picked Phillip Rivers.
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