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  1. Happy birthday, Grave, wherever you are. I'm sorry for all those hateful, racist things I said about Crimson Tears and Dream Factory. Not every single one was both entirely incontestable and 100% deserved.

    I hope you're celebrating your birthday by enjoying a game of, um, Ehrgeiz or something with those people you treasure enough to share such an experience with.
  2. They didn't give me a tracking number, but it is in fact USPS and now they're listing an estimated delivery date of 12/29. I will try to investigate this tomorrow!
  3. And what font is this? I really like it.
  4. sheeeeeit. It's a goddamn PO box, so if it went USPS, I have no clue what the problem could be. Do you have the tracking number so I can hunt her down?

    Oh yeah, and thank you~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. pls to reading what I posted in the christmas thread!
  6. If I got to Crimson Tears before Godhand got to me, we might've been terribly happy together.
  7. I remembered now! It's Crimson Tears! That's why!
  8. Aw, c'mon.
  9. Sometimes I feel like headbutting you and I don't know why!
  10. I've actually been trapped in PA since sometime in December, so I haven't been able to see gifts! But I thank you for sending Frank Dux there to keep my stuff warm for me. When I'm actually back in my own place and life stops fucking me in the ass, I'm totally gonna send out some bitchin' February presents.
  11. hi grave did u n-joy ur bloodsport movie disc?
  12. I was just practicing posting for real.
  14. That's funny, my arms have been considering the Break Spine command!
  15. Crimson Tears is so terrible that my mouse is hovering over the Break Friendship link.
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