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  1. yo!
  2. Nothing wrong with being honest about your strengths! In fact, I wish more people did that more often - not be full of themselves but at least give credit where credit is due.

    Right now I'm working at Disney doing apparel design. To brag a bit, I went to school for illustration but had a job doing ad designs for 3 and half years. So I can manage quite a range of stuff, work well with groups of people, stay focused on a task and its deadline no matter how the circumstances change, and I've dealt quite a bit with management.

    How's that for tooting? =p
  3. Nice little site. I like the design and tag: "Thinking Too Much" of your blog. That's actually my normal state of being (or so I've been told). Which animation studio do you work for, if you don't mind me asking?

    What I like about Business Administration and the business aspect in general is that my personality is best suited towards that field. I have a strong personality and initiative, adaptable to social situations, great personal interaction and managerial skills, and I don't really want to continue...because it'll sound like I'm tooting my own horn. But, overall, I enjoy leading and I tend to bring people together towards a focus and complete projects with the minimum amount of fuss while still making sure that everyone is satisfied. Lol, I think that's business to a B .

    I get paid to draw, went to school to draw, and borrowed a lot of money to draw. Can't wait for those payments to kick in...

    What do you like about business admin or business in general?
  5. I think you'd beat me in the race. I'm only riding a beach cruiser, not a 10 or 12-speed "real" bike. Lol.

    CSULB is getting competitive. Kind of having troubles with them about transferring right now. I'm going for the CBA (College of Business Adminstration). I want to go for my MBA afterwards, but who knows what'll happen in the next couple of years? Future plans do include this proprietary idea that I have for a business - start it up and then sell it. I want to dabble in a little public relations as well.

    What do you did you go to school for/do for work?
  6. absolutely! Born and raised around here! Norwalk, Bellflower, went to school in Cerritos. I still lived in Norwalk through most of school and moved in my last 2 years. Good luck on transferring, I heard it's getting competitive at CSULB. What are you studying at school and what would you like to do when you're out?
  7. I usually ride around on 2nd Street and Bayshore, but I've been meaning to head down to Shoreline. Lol, we should race sometime!

    I've lived in Long Beach for 5 years since this June. I worked for the first 3 years out here in order to go to school full-time, which I'm currently doing. Planning on transferring to CSULB in Fall 2008 or Spring 2009.

    Are you a native Californian, Hero?
  8. not too bad - I can't remember how much but it wasn't terribly expensive. They take your ID from the start and then you pay when you get back, so it's only for the time you actually spend riding. I kinda want to get my own bike so I can go riding on the weekends.

    How long did you live in LB? Did you go to school out here too?
  9. I know the area you're talking about. It is kind of ghetto, but not quite. I love paddleboats, but recently I've been getting into kayaking and bodyboarding. Unfortunately, the beaches in our area don't have a lot of waves so I have to head up to Santa Monica or down to Huntington Beach.

    I've seen those bike rentals. Are they very expensive?
  10. it's not super close to the marina though - it's along Anaheim on the west side of PCH (where it starts getting ghetto but isn't quite there).

    OH! Paddleboats are more fun than I thought! Even rented a bike and rode up and down Shoreline all evening! Good times.
  11. I've never been on the Ferris wheel there, but I've walked by it often on my midnight jaunts. Did you ever do the paddleboat thing at the hotel?

    I still do spent some of my days/nights in Long Beach when I'm not in L.A.. It's true, there is practically nothing to do in Lakewood except for the mall. In fact, I'm going to the LBPL in about ten minutes and will probably spend the day wandering around.

    That's a pretty good location for your apartment if you live by the PCH near the marina. Sometimes I go to the marina for the Sunday Farmer's Market!
  12. yeah, gameplay sometimes gets things in early, and they always sell stuff under retail. New 360 games for $56 instead of 60. Not much, but it's helpful. And they have a lot of used games, imports, and goofy game knick-knacks

    I like the ferris wheel at the pike! The theater is nice too, but I tend to go down to the marina on PCH since it's close to my apartment.

    Do you still frequent LB? And what is there to do in Lakewood? I've only gone through to get to Norwalk, or check out their Best Buy and mall. =p
  13. Le Creperie is good. Lol, I know every single restaurant on that strip. Most of those restaurants are great! I'm friends with the girl whose family owns Buona Gente, and the dude who owns Open Sesame.

    I like the Pike for the movie theatre and late-night walking. What do you like about the Pike?

    Gameplay, huh? I'll have to check that out. I don't make it down to Signal Hill often, only for when I need my car checked out. Signal Hill is the car dealership area for me.
  14. Belmont Shore! 2nd St. specifically. Have you ever had food at Le Crepery? Love that place!

    Pike is nice too, Signal Hill has a great view coming down the hill and most importantly LB has Gameplay, the greatest alternative to Gamestop I've ever found.
  15. Shoreline Village, Belmont Shore (I spend so much time there), and Pine Avenue. There's always something to do and/or see. I used to live in downtown LB, and it fed my big city needs with smaller city walking. What about you?
  16. Hey SP! What is it you <3 about LB anyway?
  17. nothin' much. Trying to beat the heat without AC! How about you?
  18. Hi Hero! How's it shakin'?
  19. heya hey!
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