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  1. Done AND done.
  2. Your PMs, empty them!
  3. Cool new avatar!
  4. That's awesome!

    And by the time I get back to SSF4, you will be able to stomp me easy, haha.

    Finishing up a little music video this weekend! Exciting times!
  5. No prob, Bob. I'm actually learning how to play the banjo as well (weird coincidence). But I'm not giving up SSF4 for anything!
  6. Drew! Package(s) recieved! Thank you so much! This will keep me in Giant Monsters and banjo pickin' through the winter, surely!
  7. Also:
  8. Put your Christmas list up procrastinator. WHAT ABOUT THIS?
  9. Turns out Compass was Biff the whole time. Who knew?
  10. Nothing right now, man. We usually do fun work around Christmas (which was OK, but if we get a creative illustrator it's best to bring you in from the beginning IMO. I don't like to dictate creative idea's to a creative person). What is your freelancer rate? And portfolio? All I can do is try and hook you up when the projects land in the studio.
  11. Had a semi-long-term freelance gig lined up that fell through, so... Correct! Looking for something new.

    (If you know anybody looking for a freelance Flash animator, lemme know?)
  12. You lost your job?
  13. Maybe I will! What's one more spin around the crazy wheel?
  14. You should do a comic strip about freelance ettiquite. I am serious.
  15. Cannon Spike, a hurr durr. A Robot Kicked My Ass at Street Fighter.
  16. Why is he shooting Spike Lee with a canon?
  17. Oh this is the night, it's a beautiful night
    And we call it bella notte
    Look at the skies, they have stars in their eyes
    On this lovely bella notte.
    Side by side with your loved one,
    You'll find enchantment here.
    The night will weave its magic spell,
    When the one you love is near!
    Oh this is the night, and the heavens are right!
    On this lovely bella notte!
  18. I think tonight is the night!
  19. A miserable pile of secrets.
  20. ANDREW!
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