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  1. Also: Hahahaha

  2. Cut down in your PRIME. RIP sir, RIP.
  3. Welcome back!
  4. Hey man, I just read about your sister. I'm really sorry to hear that man. I hope she recovers soon, and the fucker responsible gets grilled for it.

    I'm glad you belted the guy. Here's to him working at IHOP for the rest of his natural life.
  5. I don't hate ya, man.

    Watched two assholes arguing on the subway last night, "OBAMAZ A TERRORIST!" "IF YEW VOTE FOR MCCAIN YOU HATE AMERICA!", and shit, I don't want to be either of those dudes.
  6. Yeller, you are the man despite my political banter.
  7. 1. Biff has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
  8. Biffa what? Biffa who?
  9. Ok, why this time?
  10. Everything... ok, Biff?
  11. I once set my own bike tires on fire trying to emulate evil kanevil. Chew on that for a minute.
  12. WELL WELL WELL. Welcome back.
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