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  1. Hm, i don't think i had to use my Facebook account, just my phone number.
  2. The amount of permissions this app wants is terrifying! Why do they want my phone number and my Facebook account?
  3. Yeah! We can send stickers to each other! (if you want)
  4. I am not on Line! Should I get it?
  5. Chao are you on LINE messenger?
  6. I haven't had a chance to play Undertale yet, Finch! Too much going on. It's on my Immediate List, though.
  7. did you play Undertale yet?
  8. i ordered that as soon as i saw it
  9. Glad to hear Record Breaker is great, Finch! I Wanna dive a bit deeper... but the monsters... they need hunting...

    And the Pokemans need shuffling...
  10. I just finished! I had to review it and wanted to play through the whole thing and wrapped the 2nd story up yesterday. I thought it was pretty great! I was surprised since i didn't think much of the Devil Survivor games when they were first released, but i'd put it up there with the best games in the SMT series, or at least my favorite.
    I thought the characters were going to be Persona but there wasn't a single one that i didn't really like by the end.
  11. I am playing DS2: Record Breaker! Monster Hunter 4 keeps stealing me back, but those two are my current commute games. How ya likin' it so far?
  12. are you playing Devil Survivor 2: Record Breaker?
  13. Super late at night/early morning. They seem to add stock between 11pm and 6am MST, but the amiibos i've gotten were around 3am, so like 5am for you. I check before i go to sleep and when i wake up, or occasionally when i'm up super late anyway.
  14. When do you usually see amiibo stock being updated on AmiAmi? I'm getting all's antsy because of my lack of plastic Nintendo toys.
  15. You should go for Game & Wario. It's not GREAT but the people behind it were really enjoying what they were doing. It's like a developer's diary thing that doesn't exactly work well as a full-release game, but it's not bad either.
  16. It's okay. This Ingram will be better. He will be my favorite robuht doll.
  17. i wonder if it's even close to the level of detail they show in the photographs or if my gun-dam markers could get close...

  18. oh no sanic... nooooooo... you are going too faaast!
  19. Muramasa is greatness, Finch. I've been so addicted to Dragon's Crown, though...
  20. Muramasa Vita is the best game... I liked Muramasa on Wii, but on Vita it turned into amazing
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