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  1. Thank yooooouuuuuuuuuuuu, Finchie face!
  2. aw, thanks Finchie!
  3. ): DONK. Sorry i missed your birthday, hero. I hope it was great and it is a continuously great always for you.
  4. well, I've been reading online about Pauline and Zelda being hacked into the hero roles of Donkey Kong and Zelda 1. Maybe like box art\manual that depicts either one as the heroine (as if it was always intended that way)
  5. SO IF I WAS TO DRAW SOMETHING FOR YOU, what would you like? Warning: i'm moving extremely slow right now, but if you have any requests, throw them at me
  6. oh, I would like that! Maybe something about Megaman! Or Mario! Or something completely original!
  7. I think it was from you! Thank you! i will paint you something if you like, just give me a few weeks!
  8. I think its because a lot of instructors in school don't keep as current with trends. Or find animation/vis dev "impure" since it's commercial art. I think art programs in all schools suffer from it though - I know I've learned much more about this stuff out of school than in, and would've benefited from a BFA that mandated some business/finance courses...
  9. that interview/podcast thing is seriously the best thing i've ever heard about getting into the art industry at all. why did they never say ANY of this crap in school? or maybe that was the class i skipped all those times...
  10. I feel the same way, but I also know that a lot of that loyalty is the same thing that drives Sony/MS love. So when it's dismissed that Nintendo should do 3rd party, it's like, why not any exclusive dev? Then at that point, why even have the different boxes? Though I like Nintendo's screwing around even if it's not always the best in tech, it spurs some interesting stuff.
  11. it's not. I really feel that way, but i'm fully aware that it's goofy. I don't want to live in a world where i can't buy a Nintendo console because they're 3rd party and i can't fully grasp why beyond that i'm ingrained with Nintendo brand-loyalty. There is the bit where Nintendo likes to play around and experiment more than Sony or MS, but i don't know. I just like Nintendo and i don't like the others.
  12. aw, thanks!
  13. i don't know when i'll get another chance, but when i draw another FF6 painting i'll save it for you
  14. I stayed up til 3 am playing this thing! It's so fun! Get your shipment so we can talk about it more!
  15. YAH, I KNOW.
  17. Theatrhythm is going to be fun and cool.
  18. Happy birthday Hero!
  19. I hope i didn't really hurt your feelings hero, and i'm sorry if i did and i'll post a longer more heartfelt message if you want me to, about how digital has its place and i'm really fighting windmills and that if it were the other way around, where digital was less popular and everyone was into gouache paints or oils paints, i'd be sticking up for digital artwork.
  20. by gum, I will make you draw owls forever.
  21. you should - you capture imaginations and it looks like you don't even try. I wrack my brain over it and can only get a shadow of that magic in things
  22. Thank you! I will make sure to draw more, then.
  23. Every little thing you put on Artist Block makes my life just a little bit warmer and happier.

    I would rep you to infinity if there was a way to do it.
  24. oh, sweet! I was hoping it got in this week, but if it showed up sooner, the better!
  25. Hero, i think i forgot to tell you that i got the drawing the other day! Thank you!
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