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  1. Episode 46! Poor Nanmi... ;_; I was super stoked when Emeraldas turned up in episode 22. Oh, and your Conductor avatar is The Best Ever. Such a great design.
  2. Have you watched any more GE999? I'm up to 64 now, still so good!
  3. I've only played it for a few hours, but i like it a lot!
  4. Hay Finch, what's the verdict on Final Fantasy XIII-2? I think I'm going to buy it this weekend!
  5. Yeah! I haven't seen a bad episode yet, and i'm on episode 19. I don't know how long "Visit a new planet, IT'S AWFUL and i learned a lesson" can hold up, but so far so good!
  6. I watched quite a bit of Galaxy Express 999 over the weekend (I'm up to episode 11). It's really good! Also very sad at times.
  7. I'm glad you're my internet friend, No One!
  8. Thanks for being my friend, Finch.
  9. Hello Finch.
  10. Hi No One.
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