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  1. I never want to leave my room in the game because I love the doo doo doodoo song so much.
  2. Conception II is pretty fun so you can enjoy it as much as you want and sing "Congratraaaaaaations on yoh new ahlival"
  3. Also I'm enjoying Conception II more than I probably should be.
  4. Not yet! Half my family has birthdays in November, so most of my extra money is going towards gifts. Right now I'm trying to finish the Steam version of Trails of the Sky before SC hits. I really want to finish Senran Kagura in the near future, too. I'll likely pick up LoL around the beginning of December; there's actually a handful of 3DS games I intend to get then (Etrian Odyssey Untold 2, Senran Kagura 2, Stella Glow). I've been neglecting my portables pretty badly lately.
  5. are you playing Legend of Legacy?
  6. Ironplant pointed this out to me:

    Did you watch it yet? There's a lot of butt but otherwise it's really good. i'm not anti-butt
  7. I wish that show was good

    at least there's


  8. (Sorry for the size, but it's the best couple seconds of animation I've seen in a very long while.)
  9. Holy shit, that's really good.

    I've barely played Undertale at all this week.
  10. It made me laugh at first, but that was actually really well done!
  11. I actually thought those were professional at first glance. Needs more Temmie!
  12. Btw, if you have/get a PS4, Disgaea 5 is really good. I'm playing it for review and I'm surprised how much I'm enjoying it.
  13. It was a good eight or nine hours before someone finally asked for the extra copy I had. Glad it went to IP. TNL has a very high opinion of its tastes, but it sure plays some boring, unambitious shit.
  14. i don't think i've been more disappointed over people not playing a video game. I'm pretty sure Toby Fox already made as much money/recognition from it as he expected or wanted, i just want people to play it
  15. O___O linking it:

    a commercial came on when i was uploading it and freaking me the eff out
  16. Wuh. Toriel after quitting my genocide run: Why are you looking at me like that, like you have seen a ghost?
  17. the thing that pretty much ended my run (I ended it around where I think you are) was killing Papyrus and that he still thought I could change. Dang video game.

    also Sans's lines closer to the beginning about at least trying the puzzles and at least pretending to be human because Papyrus wanted to see a human so badly

    The best
  18. You could tell even then he was eventually going to make something special.

    I've made it to the waterfall area. On top of being difficult morally, it's becoming increasingly difficult to advance, period. The pacifist run feels more like an adventure game than it does an RPG, doesn't it? Each encounter is essentially a little trial-and-error puzzle you have to solve. The boss fights are more elaborate puzzles. In a genocide run everything plays out as you expect it to, barring the clever games of Let's Dodge a Thing. You actually need to upgrade all of your equipment, and you have to grind a bit to afford all that. Bosses are hard.

    I don't want to spoil the other differences.

    I picked up another copy of Undertale for my stepdaughter, and she gleefully took to slaughtering everything that crosses her path. She is a weird kid sometimes.
  19. lol, it reads like a high schooler made it, but an actually funny probably smart high schooler who somehow expanded time so he could make video games while in high school with extracurricular activities while somehow not failing
  20. Toby Fox is an amazing insane person
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