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  1. GOOD, THATS WHAT I THOUGHT!!! So now this is going to sound like a REALLY strange request, but could you either tell me which Dragonball mangas you have or just take a picture to show me? I promise you it's not for sinister purposes, it's for a good cause that you will enjoy!
  2. The pile of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z manga next to my bed, as well as the complete dvd set of Dragon Ball and my extreme love for Dragon Quest all point to yes
  3. FINCHU!!! You are a fan of Dragonball, am I correct? Or at least the art style of the guy who drew it, Akira Toriyama? CONFIRM/DENY AND DO IT NOW!!!
  4. I wondered about that! I could tell it was Sabin even though I'm not familiar with the work you just mentioned, and I just love it. You sir, are The Man.

    Oh PS. I am drawing a picture right now where I'm including Shadow and Interceptor I will post it after I get home.
  5. Also i drew Sabin with a beard because i liked the Yoshitaka Amano pictures of him with a beard.
  6. YAY! I'm glad you liked it!
  7. Mr. Finch!!! It's raining today so I guess it was the perfect day to get a package from you! This looks even BETTER in person, I don't know how that's possible! And I LOVE the FF6 picture of them on the raft!!! Agghh what a wonderful thing to wake up to, THANK YOU!!!!
  8. Pineapple, i got your check yesterday! I'll be sending it out tomorrow if it isn't raining.
  9. Did I spell Umaru right? It's been a while...
  10. That is a very tough question to answer! Final Fantasy 3. That seems definite, but it took 10 minutes to decide that. WAY before I knew it was really FF6, it was my favorite game ever, and I've probably put ~500 hours into it over the last 15 years on various systems (but mostly SNES). It is awesome. I still want to grow up and be Sabin. OR UMARU!!!

    Second place without a question Super Metroid.
  11. What is your favorite Super NES or earlier Intendo game EVER?

    on the systems, not necessarily Nintendo published games
  12. No problem Finchu! Yeah I've wanted to get that one for a while but I always forget when I have monies (same goes for one of JM's pieces, I really gotta get on this!), but I dunnuh have the PayPals so a check it is! And I just got back from the library where I put it in the mailbox, so it'll go out to you tomorrow. Cash that bad boy asap!
  13. Oh shoot, i didn't see that you're mailing payment. I'll send it as soon as i get that! I'll pack it up today though.
  14. THANK YOU PINEAPPLE. I'm going to try to get your painting in the mail today!
  15. Literally nothing there yet, I'll put stuff in there eventually lol
  16. link pls
  17. I went ahead and started a tumblr as you suggested. There's nothing in it, yet, but it's there!
  18. I already set up a tumblr. I will follow you if you do.
  19. Pineapple, you should set up a tumblr
  20. 100% agreed!
  21. That's okay, i like to comment on artwork in rep messages unless i can't give anymore.
  22. I was going to comment on it in my post but I forgot but enough rep had been spread so I just left it there <3
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