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  1. !!!
  2. shut. I shouldn't type while carrying on another conversation.
  3. It was an interesting premise, I thought. Should have kept my mouth back.
  4. Loooool that thread is stone-fucking-dead, sorry about that!
  5. Here's to failure!
  6. I like this Mel Brooks-ing of posts lately.
  7. Hapsy Birthdasdyyy.
  8. I'm hoping my next post will make josh head explode.
  9. One strives to be the best there is at what they do!
  10. you be one antagonizing sumbitch!
  11. That sounds really cool. Also: pretty heartbreaking when shit like the hail storms hits.
  12. About 130 acres of apple trees.
    Last year we had a sort of shitty crop due to hail.
    This year we had an outstanding crop, but so did everyone else, so we actually made less this year with more and better apples than we did with last years beat up apples (thankfully ours were less beat up than others, which made all the difference.)
    Every year it's a crap shoot, with most years ending up breaking even if we are lucky.
  13. How big's the farm?
  14. So I got hooked and picked up Planetary volume 3 and Crossing Worlds today. Both are fantastic! Thanks again. (I thiiink I've got single issues of the rest of the run, but I need to check. Whoop!) You have things coming in the mail for you.
  15. and less slanty eyed.
  16. Weird!
  17. If you look below the belt, you might think we're the same. In actuality, he's much taller.
  18. Are you the same guy as KOF? I think so!
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