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  1. i didn't really like playing that Patchmania but i liked the animation a lot

    also look at this thing:
  2. that patchmania seems to have some popularity!
  3. thank you! i know it isn't the best thing ever but it's the first one i made that i'm very proud of
  4. Finch! You made a cartoon! It's amazing! The charm is so charming!
  5. patlabor doesn't even need words

    except for "Patlabor concert something something". Is this a commercial?

  6. did you ever see this...
  7. Horray! I still haven't seen it yet, but it's on my list!
  8. i'm almost sure you linked a preview for Song of the Sea like 4 years ago and i can't find it

    anyway i just saw it and it's good

  9. this is how zelda works
  10. Wow, i forgot ALL ABOUT that Little Shop cartoon. Those character designs are so great. It's so 90s kitsch but now it looks like pop art mixed with abstract impressionism
  11. that sonic, he has to go fast
  12. are you getting your ass back to school in china il
  13. [youtube]

    birsday papa is forever

  14. Dezaki's version of Nemo looked like pure insanity, like Neo Tokyo and Robot Carnival fall into early 80s Disney The Black Hole and Return to Oz, the most pointless and most amazing stuff that only happened in the 80s and 90s. i really wish the entire film had been made like that
  15. Pooty shoot is the best genre
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