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  1. good to know, lol.
  2. It's a bit of an "id-zone", most are are living vicariously through their internet handles because it's traditionally been kind of a self-selecting safe place for it! SSJN's gonna SSJN, we've an ignore feature on here if he's being a bit much. I think the initial wave of having a controversial new figure, and a girl at that oh golly, may have passed.
  3. I know why it's personal. I think we all do. But SSJN needs to stop fucking with me. Seriously, it's pathetic and childish. If someone does NOT want me here, then they should IGNORE ME, NOT insult me and berate me. Is this a meeting place for people who never graduated junior high? Seems that way.
  4. yes, indeed. posting lies about my pregnancy HURT me. VERY MUCH. and I am extremely angry knowing mike showed those stupid photos of me and jeanette. there was NO need to be so cruel to me. I do not deserve it.
  5. Sorry about all that. I suspect things have been taken quite a bit too far.
  6. huh? I've been pushed too far by you guys.
  7. Frustrated Nerd Welcoming Committee 2011, right?
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