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  1. I thought it looked uncomfortably "homebrew" too, but when you see it in action it's actually fairly pleasant to look at. Backgrounds remind me a lot of Viewtiful Joe.

    Gameplay is super quick compared to something like Double Dragon Neon and it's mostly about stringing together as large and varied a combo as you possibly can (we're talking hundreds of hits per group of baddies on average). Uses multiple planes like Fatal Fury, which streamlines crowd control. I really like it! One of those games that's awesome to kill a half hour with.

    It's on sale on Steam pretty regularly.
  2. Nooooo worries, I have my days too.

    I'd written that off as a Mugen-y thing, is it actually pretty fun?
  3. Sorry for being grumpy Yeller.

    Have you played Phantom Breaker? Super underrated modern belt scroller, imo.
  4. Thank you! Yeah, Pacific Pinball Museum! It's pretty great! The variety of machines is amazing. It's kind of hilarious how much of a selling point 'women with rock-hard nipples' has been through the years.

    There's also a pretty serious arcade in Alameda, but they're apparently closed on Mondays and Tuesdays so we missed that.
  5. Happy belated birthday! Did you go to the Pacific Pinball Museum? A buddy has been trying to get me to go with him for months, but we always end up at a brewery instead. Any good?
  6. else am I supposed to get Sean Connery to notice me? Nah, I think some people worry too much. I'd no idea TNL was prone to such paranoia!
  7. How's it going, No One?? I think that certain people are worried that you are running for Prom Queen or something!
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