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  1. For as much as this is worth, you better take your time!
    (I had no idea. It's been sitting in my store for $30 since the day it came out.)
  2. Alright, that'd work! I'll work on it this weekend. It might take me until next though.
  3. Yeah, i imagine a lot of it is exaggerated. I was telling a friend a few months ago how it's a shame that he's not that well known these days outside of comic history classes.
  4. It's not so black and white as that. Much has been twisted and taken out of context. He has his opinions and to be honest, i felt it interesting how he worked through them throughout the series.
  5. If Dave Sim dies before i do, he wants them to go to public domain, so i'll get to read them then! I'll get into it one day. I hear it falls off a cliff at some point where he decides that he really thinks women are horrible.
  6. Glamourpuss was part art history (focusing on photo realism in comic strip art and artists Raymond, Williamson, and Drake), part fashion magazine parody, and part weird story, all done in that lovely photo real style.
    Sadly, it's been cancelled.
    Maybe you should put the Cerebus collections on your wishlist...
  7. Oh, it's by Dave Sim, that Cerebus fellow! I knew i recognized the name from somewhere. I've never read anything by him, but i used to pretend that i was actually going to buy all of his books when I was in college, and then gradually lost interest. He has some fancy linework. I thought he was using screens for that crosshatching, but actually seeing it, i really think he just went in and did it all himself. That's some fancy writing too.
  8. I recall you saying you would never get it but if you did get it, it had to be revelaitons.
    So even if you never play it, at least you have it. But you should play it. It's a good good game.
  9. THANK YOU FOR THE REVELAITONS! It's my treasure now.

  10. offensive...

  12. YAH
  13. My awesome picture arrived today!!! THANKS FINCH!
    I will have a secret code to share with you soon as WII are done Updating.
    It will be aaammmmaaaazzzzziiiinnnggggg!

  14. old eroges sure are weird
  15. Surprise me, duh!
  16. Do you want to see the finished picture or do you want it to be a SURPRIES?
  17. p.s. you should submit an Amazon list.
    Do they sell chairs?
  18. It will look like poop because everything you do is poop.

    i don't really mean that. you make the bestest stuff
  19. or it might look better when it's done... i don't know!
  20. i don't know if i like this

    it's not done yet but i might just restart it and see if it comes out better in a second attempt.
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