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  1. put 2 and 2 together. You can do it! I'll wait.
  2. Omg, you're so mean to me.
  3. Click for full size
  4. I think you need to make this for me.
  5. Would you? um.
  6. LMAO I immediately got a mental image of you leering over me with a pornstar mustache, with rape in your eyes ;p
  7. I've noticed you around
  9. um.
  10. Not at all, not at all
  11. old man sweaty balls.
    Do you think the steam will help with the wrinkles?
  13. I’m not Keith Sweat, so don’t sweat me
  14. There isn't anything on the page of my computer on HP site about downgrading and I thought I had all the drivers but I was googling and apparently I need some xp downgrading SATA driver which isn't on my comps software downloads page. I had already put in xp disc and tried to put that on but it installs then reboots and gets stuck on "press any key to boot from disc" black screen. So I tried to put vista back on and it just does the same thing too

    Am I just suppose to just go into BIOS and turn off enable SATA drivers like the google articles I found for hp laptops? or do I have to use recovery discs to fix this? and if i'm supposed to have a SATA driver in order to install xp, how would I install it from a disc if there's no OS on there
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