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  1. Rule. here are the deets, any time you show up is cool just call so you know where we're at since we'll be bouncing from the gutter eventually.

  2. Damn why is everyone doing their parties on the 29th. I should be able to make it since its in the evening, my friend is doing some paintball thing in the afternoon but I should be able to make it.
  3. you're invited to my party but you're not on facebook. Sat 29th, barcade, fette sau pre-party, the gutter for the party, then post-party at this bar I can't remember of the name of that has hundreds of beers
  4. Even though you hate Indy 4 I still love you.
  5. That'll be 50 bucks an hour.
  6. can I trade my message for a massage?
  7. Here have a message.
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