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  3. Why are you in doubt? We're just buds, not the same person, I promise.
  4. Everything I know is now in doubt.
  5. Yeah, Cat and I are friends, not sistas.
  6. both you and your sister left me the same exact rep for the same exact post. Are you sure you're not the same person?
  7. Surprise her, she'll love it!
  8. haha. Hello to you too.

    My girl is having trouble with anal.

    (But we're having sex anyway even though we're not supposed to.)
  9. I haven't said hi to you in a while, so hi.
  10. Anal ftw!
  11. Hope you had a GREAT day!
  12. you like purple?!?!?!!
  13. You like hockey?!?
  14. The description said that the power rangers were set in a "residential area" to protect some shit or other, and now that I look at it there are trees and suburban homes around the outside?
  15. You win the award for finding the best cake pic. Too awesome!
  16. Welcome to TNLspace
  17. What the fuck is this all about.
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