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  1. Nice!
  2. okay. I'll keep an eye out for a nice pink one with the brighter screen!
  3. I will buy one from you once I have $25 or so in my PP.
  4. well, if you walk in here it's $20. Shipped would be $25.
  5. Funny how the only person who appreciates my 9k blender is icarusfail
  6. nah. To me rep is like post count. Who gives a shit. But I do like how the ones that cry about it most are the ones who don't have it. The real test of awesomeness should be how much your blender cost.
    You would be S team.
  7. 772, B team confirmed
  8. 872
  9. Jeremy Brett is the best Holmes ever. Have you ever seen that series?
  10. You got the wrong pic for your avatar.
  11. u no likey ma granma?
  12. I went to that thread to show a friend of mine the car, and I'm like who is this rat bastard from Brooklyn talking shit?
    Then I noticed the horrible grammar.
  13. Hehehehe, congrats on that Celica.
  14. So what if I'm fat and going bald.
    You love my missionary style.
  15. Thanks Mr. SSJN for the 2 GBA games. You are one smooth motherfucker.
  16. 569. You?
  17. whose pole
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