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  1. Ah, to be 31 again. June birthdays 4 LYFE! Hope it's a good one. <3
  2. Thank you so much!!! ;_; <3
  3. FIRST. Happy birthday, Sats! <3
  4. that is an excellent pic, thank you :3
  5. Seriously, I've been wearing jeans for two days in a row now when I'm not at work. Comfortably.
  6. we are weather buddies! <3 today, hoodies. because we can!
  7. haha, don't worry baby! Thank you so much, that's so sweet of you
  8. Gaaaaaah, I'm late! Happy birthday Sats. <3
  9. thanks so much, again. honestly, you and the guys here on TNL have been so understanding about this condition, it's really awesome and commendable and i hope you are all rewarded with awesome significant others and a money tree growing in your backyard
  10. Seriously, just getting off soda and drinking water can be a massive help. High fructose corn syrup is nasty. So hey, I hope you're continuing to feel better! Eating some real food after having to go without for a while is The Greatest Thing.
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