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  1. Excellent!
  2. If I ever get live gold again I shall let you know and it'll be on!
  3. If you ever DO get XBox gold, I'll play a few rounds of 4 with ya!
  4. I broke into tears at that moment and was comforted by a friend's hot wife!
  5. I was hiding under your porch.....because I love you.
  6. Anytime! I hope that made some small amount of sense.
  7. Wooot! thanks for the feedback man!
  8. OK, lemme see.

    I want to see the acting really sell the "WORLD!" line, put the whole body into it. Maybe use that as a way to get reaaaaal close up in the other guy's face. Really slow that facial expression down, give it more power. Unlock that right arm, too! I think you could get a really nice 'claw' kinda gesture out of that if you play that pose out.

    I feel like the green fella's hand kind of just floats there in front of the other guy's face for a bit without having any drive behind it, it's just kinda 'there'.

    I think maybe just get up out of your chair and really kind of act it out a few dozen times!
  9. Yeah, shoot.
  10. When you have some free time let me know, I would love your opinion on my last shot.
  11. DUDE!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!! I got to meet Richard Williams, he signed my copy of his book, I'm like in complete and total nerd freak out mode HOLY FUCKING SHIT OH MY GOD!

    and I had no idea you had AIM I am Beleedat154 on there don't block me!
  12. I think I'm sitting in on the first one!
  13. I will buy it and the new ones will be made or else more bad wishings!

    Seriously I need a Coach McGurk (how do you spell his name) fix.
  14. What what! I find it funny we left messages on each others profile at the same time :O!

    Good luck with those meetings, are you gonna be doing the storyboarding for it or will they get some one else to?
  15. We're coming out with a gigantic box set in a couple weeks, you should go buy that!

    Then we can make new ones!
  16. I would like it very much if you informed your bosses at Soup 2 Nuts that I demand new episodes of Home Movies to be made. If they do not meet with my demands I shall wish bad things upon them!
  17. I go to my first storyboard meeting next week!
  18. LOL
  19. I'm so sorry I nevr thought of the connections.
  20. Thanks a bunch man! Great to hear from a fellow cartooner.
  21. Seriously Dude Huge fucking congrats that's majorly awesome!
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