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  1. apparently.
  2. Shin and Samba's rap is the fucking sexy bomb.
  3. There has to be one area that rolls out better than any other, it just happens to be the NY TNLers. We have a shit load more experience at it though, the first NYC TNL meet up was years ago. We're talking 2004.
  4. LOL. I agree. The past two days I was getting royally ass raped for the Creepy guy and shit. I think everyone is just bored. And all of TNL realize that the NYC one was wayyy fucking better. AND they realize they all should have come out.

  5. I just give back what I get man.
  6. The best part about Samba's gif is that those are real hahaha. Crazy ass Japanese.
  7. True, very true. Damn gold diggers!
  8. lol. No they just take the money.
  9. If it makes you feel any better asian woman usually break white men's hearts. Or something like that.
  10. I am already a member
  11. I love breasts. Wanna join the titty vultures?
  12. I want to tell you a secret. I love breasts of all sizes.
  13. I have to walk to work in it.

    FUCK ME!
  14. Fuck the rain.
  15. steal another shot glass. That's sexy.
  16. Fucking Awesome shit here
  17. lol.
  18. I think that should be a + 1 for all who didn't get it. Why the hell would I listen to shitty music like her.
  19. The dirty was in referance to Christina Aguilara. -1 for all who didn't get it.
  20. Good because Dirty is how you should feel.
  21. I feel "dirty" now after seeing John bringing "sexy back".
  22. I think you would be a gentlewoman, unless there's something you haven't told us.
  23. That is correct, sir.
  24. I am a vulture and a gentleman.
  25. Can't wait for that flick to come out.
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