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  1. I'm not at the moment, but looking at different schools. I am keeping myself busy though, and pretty happy overall. Hows your career?
  2. The same, doing pretty good for the most part. You still in school? If so how's it going?
  3. Pretty great, though, I could use more rest. How have you been?
  4. What's up? How you been doing?
  5. Doing well on this end, how about yourself?
  6. Been well, Shin?
  7. Monkeys
  8. Ahhh I was looking around at profiles the other day and it seemed like yours was the only one people still went to. Also 90% of the internet is Finch. He is a very very busy man.
  9. Not that much! I just bug people and sometimes they comment back, 90% is Finch I guess.
  10. You have a very active profile.
  11. monkey monkey monkey
  12. Hey, nope I'm going in the middle of January. What's up?
  13. Have you gone to San Fran yet?
  14. Don't hate on me . Some times having some one help organize the brain can be a damn good thing. let me know how it goes. Good luck with it today.
  15. I'm doing ok. Seeing a psychologist today, not that I'm crazy ??? I just need someone to organize my brain for me.
  16. How are you doing, holding up ok? Drop me a txt.
  17. That message was random. I wish I was in florida. I hate you.
  18. Florida is amazing. The water here is like holy shit wow like liquid glass. I snorkled a living coral reef today.
  19. I have a lovely bunch of coconuts.
  20. I've been around, aim stopped signing me in automatically and I never bothered to do anything about it. OOPSIE.
  21. Where have you been? I don't like this never being on aim thing.
  22. Funky Monkey.
  23. I don't think you would need a million dollars to do that!
  24. If I had multi-millions of dollars I would own an animal that when people came over they would go "OMG You own a _____!"
  25. Happy almost Christmas E! Hope you have an awesome holiday!
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