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  1. I can't remember if I posted a HB to your FB, but I meant to. So Happy B(elated)irthday anyhow!
  2. Happy Birthday Shin John Plankton Variant (what I assume your name stands for)!!!
  3. No problem man, hope it was a great one!
  4. Thanks dude! Much appreciated!
  5. Happy Birthday Mr. SJPV!!!
  6. Happy Birthday SJohn!!!
  7. Not a problem man, cheers!
  8. Thanks Dude! Much appreciated!
  9. Happy Birthday good sir!!!
  10. Of course! Hope it's a fantastic day!
  11. Thanks Dude!
  12. Happy Birthday ShinJohn!
  13. Of course man! I hope it's excellent!
  14. Thanks Dude!
  15. Happy Birthday Shin John!!!
  16. Thanks dude its appreciated!
  17. Happy Birthday Mr. Johnpv!
  18. Awesome dude, enjoy!
  19. Dude I got it today! Thanks man!
  20. Your game is in the mail as of Tuesday, I'm hoping you get it by the weekend. Thanks again dude and let me know when you get it.
  21. No problem man!
  22. Hey man, I've been trying to send your game out since Friday but they're doing something to the post office and I can't even get into the parking lot, so unfortunately I'm going to have to wait till I get back to send your stuff. But I have the day off when we get back so I will absolutely get it out to you as soon as I can. Sorry for the delay dude.
  23. I just had a mini freak out and actually started sweating cuz I saw your envelope from the last time we did buisness next to my computer and thought you'd already sent the money and that I had lost it. Wow, that was intense. Just telling you cuz it freaked me right the hell out. lol
  24. Sounds good man, thanks!
  25. Hey forgot to let you know the money order is on its way to you.
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