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  1. No problem sir, I'll send your stuff as soon as I get your monies
  2. Hey just wanted to let you know I was jetlegged like a fucker yesterday, should be in the mail either tomorrow or Friday at the latest sorry about that.
  3. Sounds good dude, I'm in San Fran till monday so I'll mail it out either tuesday or wednesday.
  4. Yo dude. Josh Reitz 122 Belmeade Rd Rochester NY 14617, wanna call it $8 shipped? And I think I need your addy again unless it's different than the one you send on the envelope.
  5. That... is seriously quite horrible.
  6. Ohh its fucking serious, only Texas could take an anti-littering slogan and change it to that.
  7. Ha ok now it all makes sense. But I don't have anyone on ignore even if I usually hate their posts, it's all still fun to read so I say whatever.
  8. Just so you know I didn't think you were crazy. I just have Jason on ignore so it was nice to see you talking to yourself and not see his posts.
  9. Am I evil? Yes I am.
    Am I evil? I am man, yes I am.

    You also give me cat scratch fever, duh duh nuh nuh.
  10. For some damn reason I believe in the good in all men, and I see that you have non sir, you are evil to the core! I have learned things this day!
  11. You're just learning this now?!?!?!?!?!?!
  12. I have to classify you as evil now. I'm sorry but it must be done.
  13. lol you gotta keep up with the times, man!
  14. why didn't you warn me! Damn you!
  15. Happy Birthday!
  16. no, I think that would be taking it too far. caressing it lovingly a couple times a day seems to do the trick.
  17. Do you powder your taint?
  18. you wanna touch it n find out?
  19. How do you feel about the taint?
  20. I would have gone with left testicle personally.
  21. I find the fruit Pineapple to be tasty and enjoy the juice of it.
  22. Milk, it does a body good.
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