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  1. See Samba agrees with me Bananas are awesome.
  2. Wrong-o. Bananas are the devil.
  3. Banana's are a delicious treat.
  4. Glad I could enlighten you.
  5. I understand all now.
  6. Well, I'm more of a bubblegum pink person. Fuscha is too purple imo.
  7. Well it is a type of Pink, I just thought it was more specific than just pink.
  8. Nope. Pink rules and that's that.
  9. Have you ever considered being the fuscia lady?
  10. More than welcome!
  11. Aw thanks!
  12. Get well soon!
  13. We must do what we can to persuade your sister away from the ways of flannel.
  14. I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
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