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  1. I think it should be noted I was the first to agree, the rest just copied me.
  2. hehehe true that
  3. Getting ride of the idiots is very important! YAY!
  4. this guy i was seeing. he is an idiot. so, not seeing him anymore and hence no more drama yay.
  5. What was the cause of all the drama?
  6. oh fine. a bit dramatic for a minute there but better now
  7. Things are good just crazy busy right now. How about yourself?
  8. hello there!! how are things
  9. I'll give you some bumping around! *insert stupid joke drums here*
  10. hot shit indeed. youd have to ask very nicely. and bring plenty of $1 bills
  11. If I asked nicely would you do the dance at the end of this for me?

    That's hot shit right there.
  12. Arrogance gets you no where, confidence gets you everywhere.
  13. good! that is very important! confidence not arrogance!
  14. So you're saying to pet with confidence. That is definitely one thing I have confidence in.
  15. nice and gently, but strong enough to show sincerity.
  16. So what's the best way to pet a kitty?
  17. meee-ow!
  18. purrrrr
  19. I mean't more the people it discussed were little. Asian men are so tiny. Height wise I mean.
  20. thats little known?
  21. Little known fact White Women are the ultimate trophy for any Asian man.
  22. I told you, you should only let an Italian give you a Hello kitty. It'll always lead to a purrr.
  23. purr!
  24. "The Hello Kitty is a finishing move ending in an open palm slap to the vagina resulting in either a purr or a hiss, hence the term, Hello Kitty!"

    Now we know and knowing is half the battle.
  25. how nice!
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