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  1. Damn I've missed a bunch of years, Happiest of Birthdays to you man!
  2. Happy Birthday sir, hope it's an excellent one!
  3. Thanks.
  4. Happy Birthday MVS!
  5. Happy Birthday dude!
  6. lawl Raptor Jesus.
  7. I'll pray to Raptor Jesus that doesn't happen.
  8. "I told you pinapple."
    You don't even know who I am!!!
    My disolusionment with everything is now complete. When I write my suicide note please let my family know that MVS refers to you, so they can beat you with their beating sticks. You sir... I have no words for you...
  9. I told you pinapple. I have seen many bad things, which were bad, done by bad people, who were really bad--bad plans and such, without a second thought.

    I can't finish watching Jesus Camp and have given up. It's too bad.
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